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perfect binding

Perfect Binding and Custom Projects

Here at Advantage Book Binding, we are delighted to introduce another of the custom projects we recently completed. In this case, it involved the perfect binding process. If your project involves perfect binding or needs a soft cover, then you can trust the experts at Advantage Book Binding to do a stellar job. Read on… Read more »

The Many Advantages of Perfect Binding

Are you looking to start 2019 by finally publishing a book? It could be a goal on your list or part of your resolution. Achieving this accomplishment is much easier than you think – as long as you partner with a publisher that you can trust. If you aren’t familiar with the different styles of… Read more »

Are You Considering PUR Adhesive for Your Next Book Project?

After publishing several books, you might feel like you know what to expect. Consequently, you will also be looking forward to something different. Consider using PUR Adhesive to help bind your next book project. If it is a softcover book that you are interested in getting perfect bound, then this might be the right method… Read more »

Designing the Cover for a Perfect Bound Book

Producing a softcover book doesn’t have to be a hassle, especially if that trouble comes from finding the best design for the book’s cover. But even if you aren’t an expert in graphic design, designing the cover for a perfect bound book can be much easier than you might expect. In fact, the perfect-binding technique… Read more »

What Perfect Binding Has To Do With Page Counts

When you’re looking for the best binding method, you might not know how the different bindings are affected by page counts. Although you’ve got plenty of choices, the perfect binding method is a safe bet. If you have questions, we have answers. Let’s learn more about perfect binding and what it has to do with… Read more »

Perfect Binding: A Cost Effective Book Binding Solution

Paperback books are one of the most versatile book designs about there. Their light weight makes paperbacks easily portable for reading on the go. Perfect binding, the process by which soft cover / paperback books are made, is a great binding solution for a variety of different projects. Perfect binding creates a durable and professional… Read more »

Soft Cover Binding from Advantage Book Binding

Soft cover binding, also known as perfect binding, is the process by which softcover/paperback books are bound. There are a variety of soft cover binding techniques which can be used for lots of different applications including fiction and non-fiction books, graphic novels, brochures, manuals, corporate annual reports, directories, cookbooks, and more. The process of binding… Read more »