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Archive : November 2018

3 Types of Bookbinding Techniques

If you’re looking to have a great looking book in time for your next speaking engagement or you just want a few copies to give to friends and family, then you need to know more about the bookbinding techniques that can help make that happen. Here is a closer look at the different methods that… Read more »

4 Types of Decorative Processes For Your Next Custom Book Project

Once your book’s manuscript is ready, that is only one part of its journey. The next step is to get it finished through finishing processes. As soon as that is taken care of, you must turn your attention towards another problem: how to capture reader interest. That’s where decorative processes come into the picture.

A Beginner’s Guide to Finishing Processes

For any newcomers to the process of bookbinding, it can be overwhelming to learn about all of the tasks that are part of it. Here is a beginner’s guide to the finishing process, so when you need a new book bound, you will understand how a book is produced before it is ready to be… Read more »

A Spotlight on the Library of Congress

Libraries are storehouses of cultural artifacts and beacons of learning. Libraries aren’t only important for preserving books since they also help spread information. The Library of Congress was founded in the early days of the United States when the founders wanted to be sure they could access the same information they could from the Free… Read more »