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Book Printing

What Can Die Cutting Do For You?

No matter what printing project you have to create, the technique known as die cutting can be immensely helpful. One question remains: what can die cutting do for you?

World Copyright Day and the Day of the Book

When it comes to printing a book, the stars have to align. With enough perseverance, persistence, and luck, you can make your novel manuscript the bestseller you always dreamed you could produce. There’s one day that is particularly special in the world of book printing, though, and that is World Copyright Day, also known as… Read more »

Printing Your Book Isn’t Complete Without a Physical Mock-Up

Most of the book printing process is intangible. Especially with the advent of digital printing techniques, it’s not often you’ll have something you can hold before the first printed copy is finished. That is unless you choose the DIY publishing route. Even so, when it comes time to have your book professionally printed and bound,… Read more »

What Are Book Signatures, and What Does Imposition Mean?

Before your latest book project can be published, it needs to be prepared. One step of the process is creating what is known as a signature. Once the signatures are ready, they are arranged through a technique known as imposition. Imposition allows the book’s pages to be put in the proper order before the first… Read more »

5 Things Your Printer Requires When It’s Time to Publish Your Book

What comes to mind when you think of the word “printer”? Chances are, your mind immediately jumps to the computer accessory that produces all of your documents and photographs once you use the print command. But your printer is also a tremendous help when it’s time to publish your book. Here are five things you… Read more »

The Fate of Paper in 2018 and in the Future

Even with the rising popularity of smartphones, tablets, and e-readers, paper is still king. However, paper as a physical format is going much the same way vinyl records and compact discs went in the world of music – slowly but surely extinct. As we go into the future paper may become scarce, but that doesn’t… Read more »

Common Book Printing and Publishing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Book printing and publishing involves many tricky decisions about printing, marketing, and distribution. If you are an author who is interested in self-publishing or working with a smaller publisher, you’ll have to make these decisions without much help. What are some common book printing and publishing mistakes you should avoid?