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Advice for Writers

Advice for Writers: 3 Ways to Stay Inspired

Inspiration is what all creators strive for, but the muse isn’t always willing to speak. Even polished, published authors will struggle with writer’s block, especially after a long and successful career. Unpublished and self-published authors can overcome this roadblock Here are some ways to stay inspired even when you think you aren’t.

Advice for Writers: How to Successfully Market Your Book

Once you have written and published your book, the next step is to sell it. Marketing your book, especially in particularly crowded genres, can be a daunting task. Fortunately, we have some advice for you that can help you stand out from the pack and become the next sensation that everyone is talking about.

Advice for Writers: How to Write an Acknowledgments Page

For many experienced authors, writing an acknowledgments page won’t seem like a problem. They already know who they would like to thank for helping make their latest bestseller a reality. But for aspiring authors and self-published writers, creating this essential element of their book can be tricky.

4 Well-Known Authors Who Self-Published

Every writer wants to be published some day. The way they achieve that dream could be a little unorthodox, or in a different way than they originally expected to do – someone who develops an interest in writing plays and fiction may end up as a journalist, or maybe they’ll be a ghostwriter who tells… Read more »

4 Tips for Getting Past Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is one of the most vexing and disheartening dilemmas that any writer can face. Whether you are a self-published author with dreams of writing the next bestseller, or a famous writer looking for their next idea, writer’s block can strike everyone.