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Archive : July 2018

The Importance of Dust Jacketing

As a society, we try to avoid judging others based on their appearance. We do this because you never quite know what a person, place, or thing is capable of or all about until after you get to know it a bit. A person who does not show up to an interview dressed professionally may… Read more »

The Impact of Fonts on the Reader’s Experience

When it comes to writing a book, the font is often overlooked. However, fonts have a tremendous impact on the reader’s experience. The typeset for the content can make a reader lose interest or give up in frustration if it is too small. That’s one advantage of e-readers, where the users can make the font… Read more »

Science Says: Reading is Good For You

For years, reading has been considered an intellectual pastime. But now, science has confirmed that it is good for you beyond sharpening your mind. Here are some scientifically-proven reasons to read as much as possible.

4 Tips for Getting Past Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is one of the most vexing and disheartening dilemmas that any writer can face. Whether you are a self-published author with dreams of writing the next bestseller, or a famous writer looking for their next idea, writer’s block can strike everyone.

What Can Die Cutting Do For You?

No matter what printing project you have to create, the technique known as die cutting can be immensely helpful. One question remains: what can die cutting do for you?