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Archive : August 2015

5 Benefits of Case Binding Solutions

Case binding solutions remain the gold-standard for book binding. Hard cover books offer superior durability and finishing options for an end product that is professional and will stand the test of time. Plus, case binding can be used for a variety of projects, making it a versatile binding solution. No matter what your next print… Read more »

5 Benefits of Mechanical Binding Solutions

Mechanical binding solutions are in high demand. From affordability to longevity to performance, wire/plastic coil-bound books have all the bases covered. If you’re looking for a binding solution for your next print project, there are lots of good reasons to consider mechanical binding. Keep on reading to learn about the many benefits of this binding… Read more »

Gift Book Ideas: Back to School

It’s back to school time again, but for some families the tradition is going to be a little different this year. Instead of returning to high school, a new group of students is venturing off to colleges in far-flung locales for a new adventure. One of our clients was looking for the perfect way to… Read more »

Soft Cover Binding Solutions: 5 Benefits of Paperback Books

Paperback books are a classic book binding solution. Affordable, versatile, and quick to print, there’s a reason that paperbacks are so ubiquitous. In fact, there’s more than just one reason, there are lots of them! That’s why in this week’s blog, we’re going to talk about the many benefits of paperback books as a binding… Read more »