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Books Aren’t Dying, They’re Thriving

You may have heard that books are a lost art form. Walk into any bookstore and you’d be surprised to see how many books in the physical format are still selling. That’s because books aren’t dying, but they’re actually thriving.

Book Collecting: How Do You Do It?

Life really is better with books. If you’re looking for a brand new hobby this year, you could start collecting rare books. Alternatively, you can try collecting books by an author you greatly admire as a way to help sharpen your own skills as a writer. Part of building that collection is getting signatures from… Read more »

Tips for Storing Your Books Properly

Books can be precious heirlooms and treasured mementos. Whether or not they are custom projects, every book deserves to be cared for properly. Storing your books the right way prevents damage to the covers and pages, while also helping to declutter your home.

From Cave Walls to Mass Market Paperbacks: A Short History of Books

Books are without a doubt one of the greatest inventions in the history of human culture. Although today books seem to be declining in favor of e-readers or other electronic media, the bestseller lists you dream of cracking should tell that physical books are still very much alive.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Books

When you own something, it is important to take care of it and protect it so it can last as long as possible and you can get the most out of its use. Common knowledge will tell you the better you take care of something, the longer it will last for you. This logic can… Read more »