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Archive : March 2018

3 Methods of Mechanical Binding You Should Recognize

Mechanical binding can help your next book project exceed expectations. Whether you are a self-published author launching your first book signing tour, or a famous writer promoting your latest bestseller, this style of binding can help you put your best foot forward. Here are some methods of mechanical binding you should learn more about; these… Read more »

How Can Self-Published Authors Arrange Book Signings?

When independent musicians don’t have a label backing them, it can be hard for them to go on tour to support their music. For aspiring musicians, meeting fans and achieving fame are huge logistical challenges. Self-published authors are like performers who have not made their name yet. So how can they arrange events where they… Read more »

Printing Your Book Isn’t Complete Without a Physical Mock-Up

Most of the book printing process is intangible. Especially with the advent of digital printing techniques, it’s not often you’ll have something you can hold before the first printed copy is finished. That is unless you choose the DIY publishing route. Even so, when it comes time to have your book professionally printed and bound,… Read more »

What Are Book Signatures, and What Does Imposition Mean?

Before your latest book project can be published, it needs to be prepared. One step of the process is creating what is known as a signature. Once the signatures are ready, they are arranged through a technique known as imposition. Imposition allows the book’s pages to be put in the proper order before the first… Read more »