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Soft cover binding, also known as perfect binding, is the process by which softcover/paperback books are bound. There are a variety of soft cover binding techniques which can be used for lots of different applications including fiction and non-fiction books, graphic novels, brochures, manuals, corporate annual reports, directories, cookbooks, and more. The process of binding a soft cover book is less expensive and faster than certain other binding methods, making it a very cost-efficient option for clients who require a large quantity of well-bound books in a short period of time.

Advantage Books Binding employs several different binding techniques for our soft cover products. They are:

Perfect Binding

Perfect binding involves adding an EVA adhesive to the roughened spine of a book block of collected single leaves or folded signatures. The glue bonds with the paper along the spine, and then a printable cover is glued in place.

PUR Binding

Another adhesive binding, PUR binding is ideal for digital printing because it is able to handle a variety of printed stocks and inks. Its design also makes it resistant to spine cracking, page pulls, and extreme temperatures.

Lay Flat Binding

Lay flat binding is a soft cover binding technique that allows the book to lay flat when opened. It expands on the PUR binding technique by using a free-floating cap on the PUR bound signatures which allows the book to lay flat.

Notch Perfect Binding

This soft cover binding method is used for certain book designs to make a stronger perfect binding. In this technique, glue penetrates through notch folded signatures which creates a stronger bond.

Smyth Sewn Blue-On Cover Binding

This book binding technique is useful for soft cover books that will be used frequently, bent back on a copy machine, and need to lay flat.


soft cover binding


Advantage Book Binding has been in the book binding business since 1985, when we were founded on the principle “we do a quality book on time.” Since then we’ve seen plenty of changes both in and out of the industry. While some have sounded the death knell for books and other physical media, we believe that the fact that we continue to be an industry leader into the 21st century is a testament not only to our longevity as a company but to that of our craft. We think it’s important to keep books and physical media on the shelves, which is why we dedicate ourselves to providing you with the highest quality book binding and post press services available.

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