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How Can Self-Published Authors Arrange Book Signings?

Self-published authors are like performers who have not made their name yet.

When independent musicians don’t have a label backing them, it can be hard for them to go on tour to support their music. For aspiring musicians, meeting fans and achieving fame are huge logistical challenges. Self-published authors are like performers who have not made their name yet. So how can they arrange events where they read excerpts of their work and sign books for their fans? Here’s how to make that happen.

Contact the Venue

Seeing your work appear on bookstore shelves can fill any author with joy. Self-published or not, it’s a sign that they’re starting to gain recognition for their efforts. However, keep in mind that most bookstores and public libraries are busy places with full itineraries. So you should contact the venue several months before when you would like to appear. That way, they can fit you into their schedule and promote your appearance to get people interested and excited to see you and attend the event.

Make Your Pitch

The next step is making your pitch. If you are a freelance writer, then you are probably already familiar with the process of pitching. You’ll have to convince the event manager or coordinator why they should promote you and what you can offer them – drawing customers and larger crowds will definitely help your case, especially if you are already proven to be a successful author.

Ensure Your Books Arrive

Self-published authors are already at a disadvantage when it comes to proving how professional they are. At any book signing, it is critical to ensure that your books arrive on time. Stay in touch with both your publisher and the employees at the venue where you are scheduled to appear. That way, you can verify that the books you need will be there when you need them to be.

Select Your Excerpts

Choose which passages you’re going to read ahead of time. No matter which parts of your book you’d like to narrate, you must rehearse to sound natural and confident. After all, reading a book out loud is much different than reading it to yourself in your head.

Promote Your Book

Don’t hesitate to use social media to market your book and your next appearance. Likewise, at the actual event, bring promotional materials given to you by your publisher for just such an occasion.

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