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3 Ways to Help Your Book Fly Off Shelves

Happy New Year! Is your New Year’s Resolution to write the next bestseller? If you are, then you should know how to market your book successfully.

Happy New Year! Is your New Year’s Resolution to write the next bestseller? If you are, then you should know how to market your book successfully. Here are three suggestions for how to get your book to fly off shelves at your local bookstore. You can also follow these tips to draw the eye of readers who use e-readers and other similar technology.

Prioritize a Beautiful Cover

Why should you make a beautiful cover design for your book a priority? Chances are, it will be the first part of your work that most readers will see. As always, the content of the book is far more important, but even the next Great American Novel can’t be read if it’s hidden behind an underwhelming front cover. So, if your strength lies in your writing ability and not your graphic design, you can consult with your publisher, or find some skilled freelance artists who might be able to help. Remember, whether you plan on following the traditional path to publication, or are looking to self-publish, you’ll need a fantastic cover to help you get there, and improve your marketing efforts.

Make the Most of Marketing

The next step is to find an intriguing way to market your book. While a conventional method might lead to more readers, you’ll have to build your reputation first through your website. Fill your email mailing list with eager customers, starting out with friends and family first before branching out and finding fans through social media and online forums. Convert sections of your book to a PDF format that can be easily viewable on multiple devices, or try email newsletters that you can fill with bonus content to hook your new readers.

Get Reviews

The Internet can be a tremendous tool for drawing in new reviews, as well. Once you have tapped into a digital marketplace, be sure to get as many honest reviews as you can from your past readers. You could also find a professional book reviewer to take a look at your novel and sing its praises. After all, if a book reviewer likes your work, not only can you increase your new book’s visibility, but you could also potentially find a new outlet to spotlight your author website.

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