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Helpful Tips for Generating More Book Reviews

For self-published authors, getting glowing book reviews can be even more beneficial. So if you’re a self-published author, what can you do to ensure positive word of mouth?

Reviews are immensely valuable for any book to receive. A well-reviewed book can drive up sales and help propel a book to becoming a pop culture sensation. For self-published authors, getting glowing reviews can be even more beneficial. So if you’re a self-published author, what can you do to ensure positive word of mouth?

Start Giving It Away

This piece of advice might seem antithetical to your real goal of achieving fame and fortune. But even the most famous writers had to start somewhere. Through the Internet, you can find quick and easy ways to promote your novel and begin to drum up some interest. After all, online avenues will most likely become your first source for book reviews.

That said, only allow some samples to be read instead of your entire work. Digital copies are much more affordable, but even preview copies printed physically can make a difference. However, whomever you choose to do a review of a physical copy, you will want to be sure as possible that they will do their best to give an honest and objective analysis.

Get Some Referrals

Perhaps your book already has some reviews? In that case, your past reviewers might be able to inform you of other leads for book reviews. Building up a network of trusted reviewers is critical to help get your book noticed. Remember to stay in touch with your newfound reviewers – everyone has a busy life, and it’s easy to forget about a promise. The more reviewers you can find, the better luck you’ll have.

Reach Out to Your Fans

With enough fan support, almost anything is possible. If you maintain a blog or have a steady social media presence, make use of those resources. Have your friends and family provide book reviews and convince other friends in their own networks to do the same.

Engage Your Audience

Part of communicating with your readers is to ask them to leave book reviews once they are done reading. Place a blurb at the end of your manuscript directing your readers on what to do and how these reviews benefit some of their favorite authors, including you. These instructions can also be printed on the back cover of the book as well.

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