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Ebook Sales Are Slowing Down

Recent findings have shown that ebook sales are slowing down while sales of physical books are picking back up again.

Ebooks were once seen as the future of book publishing, to the point that physical books were in decline. But now recent findings have shown that ebook sales are slowing down while sales of physical books are picking back up again. Why might this be? Let’s have a closer look.

Why Are Ebook Sales Slowing Down?

Before we continue, it is imperative to note that this trend seems to be less evident in the US and more evident over in the United Kingdom. In 2016, book sales in the UK completed through traditional booksellers, or bookstores went up by 7%. Meanwhile, ebook sales dropped by 4% in the same period. This trend first began in 2015, with the sudden rise in popularity of adult coloring books that coupled with notable fiction novels heating up the sales charts.

A Nielsen survey conducted for 2016 also found that younger readers are making more of a difference – children’s fiction is selling better and it would appear that younger readers prefer physical books over their ebook counterparts. While to older generations it seems that the younger readers in their lives are too attached to their screen-based devices to read a good old book, these books serve a vital purpose – a way to give younger readers a break from all the screen time that they are spending.

New Trends Changing Consumption

As always, technology marches on. There’s no question how much technology has affected our lives, and it has had an equally enormous effect on how we acquire and consume our reading material. The same Nielsen survey that discovered why ebook sales seem to be tapering off also found that smartphones and tablets have surpassed “traditional” e-readers as the devices most often used to read an ebook.  

And although it would seem that ebook sales have cooled off, it’s still important to remember that they’re selling better now than not even five years ago. The sale of these books will continue to diminish through the rest of 2017 unless a radical breakthrough is concerning the technology used. Brisker sales of printed physical books tend to restore the printing industry’s faith in how stable the market is, and in turn, printers, publishers, and authors alike can enjoy the upsurge of success.


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