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The Case Against E-Books: Why Choose Print?

The digital age makes it pretty difficult to get away from screens. We stare at them for work, for socializing, and for play. It seems like modern life is mostly about moving from one screen to the next, but we believe it’s wise to give yourself a break when enjoying a book. Would you like… Read more »

5 Gorgeous Bookstores From Around the World

There is something magical about a bookstore. For hundreds of years, the tall stacks of books, winding mazes of bookcases, and comforting scent of old books have captured our hearts and imaginations and made bookstores an ideal spot to curl up and get lost for hours. Here are 5 gorgeous bookstores from around the world… Read more »

New Survey Says Print Books are Outselling Ebooks

Despite the increase in popularity of ebooks in recent years, print books still enjoy the upper hand in terms of volume of sales. And in fact, they do so by a pretty wide margin, according to a recent survey by Nielsen Books & Consumer. The survey, which looked at sales of print and ebooks over… Read more »

Print Books are Still Preferred over E-books

While the number of e-book users has risen in recent years, Americans still prefer their books in print form by a wide margin. According to a report released by the Pew Center for Research, 69% of Americans read at least one print book last year, compared to 28% who read an e-book. In fact, the… Read more »