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Japanese ribbon binding

Scrapbooking with Japanese Ribbon Binding!

  Spring is a great time to begin a scrapbooking project. The weather is warm, the flowers are going to start blooming, and you probably have plans to spend time with your family. By gathering photographs, stories, and other items with your loved ones, you can begin to build a beautiful scrapbook that will be… Read more »

Japanese Ribbon Binding Adds a Touch of Elegance to Any Project

For an exceptionally beautiful finish for a book that you want to treasure for years to come, Japanese ribbon binding is the perfect choice. This unique binding method looks beautiful and creates a visually interesting and memorable edge for photo albums, journals, and more. Learn more about Japanese ribbon binding and some of its possible… Read more »

Use Japanese Ribbon Binding for Your Next Project

In case you missed our announcement, Advantage Book Binding is now offering Japanese ribbon binding as a new binding service. Learn more about this unique binding style and how you can use it for your next project in our blog!

Japanese Ribbon Binding New from Advantage Book Binding

Big news from Advantage Book Binding! We’re now offering Japanese ribbon binding as one of our binding services. Japanese ribbon binding is an artistic binding style that uses an intricately laced ribbon to bind loose leafs together. Twine is also sometimes used in place of ribbon. Both create a nice, homemade look that gives the… Read more »