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For an exceptionally beautiful finish for a book that you want to treasure for years to come, Japanese ribbon binding is the perfect choice. This unique binding method looks beautiful and creates a visually interesting and memorable edge for photo albums, journals, and more. Learn more about Japanese ribbon binding and some of its possible uses in today’s blog, below.

Japanese ribbon binding

While most binding methods rely on adhesive that secure the interior pages to the book’s spine, Japanese ribbon binding instead ties the pages to the cover in a way that is decorative, beautiful, and long-lasting. You can choose from a wide variety of different ribbons to suit your project and complete the look or, if you prefer, twine can be used in place for a more natural and earthy finish. The end effect is eye-catching, beautiful, and interesting. A book that feature Japanese ribbon binding will surely stand apart from the rest of the items on your bookshelf! Ribbon binding is perfectly suited for a wide variety of different projects, including:

Photo albums

Whether you are creating a photo album as a gift for a loved one or for yourself, it is a personal project that will benefit from the beauty of Japanese ribbon binding. Your treasured memories should be stored in an album that is equally beautiful and creative so choosing this decorative binding method will elevate your finished product.


If you are looking for the perfect gift for the aspiring writer in your life, a custom journal featuring a ribbon binding will surely be treasured by the recipient. Journals are a fabulous present for just about anyone as they are so useful to have on hand and by finishing your gift with a beautiful binding method, the recipient will recognize that you went the extra mile to create a notebook that is worthy of their most precious thoughts and musings.

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