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Challenges That Self-Published Authors Have to Overcome

With the rise of the Internet, self-publishing has become a viable route to success for many authors.

With the rise of the Internet, self-publishing has become a viable route to success for many authors. While many famous writers still follow the traditional path collaborating with agents, editors, publishers, and marketers, there is no denying publishing by yourself is an attractive option as well. However, self-published authors wear all of the hats during this process, and that leads to several challenges and obstacles that they must overcome.

Negative Misconceptions from Readers

While the definition of good writing can be subjective, readers will know good writing when they see it. How readers come across the books that they adore shouldn’t matter, in the long run. But books that originate from the realm of self-publishing can often be ignored in favor of the mass market paperback or the hardback with an enormous amount of hype and buzz behind it. Readers will also tend to think that new works from well-known authors will already be full of higher-quality writing. However, one solution self-published authors have is to create superior work and be willing to share it free of charge. Book giveaways or free ebook sites online are a viable channel for this method.

Lack of Confidence in Work

Every writer grapples with confidence. Part of being a writer is never quite knowing if your work is good enough to justify publication. By contacting reputable editors and publishers, they can help you determine if your work meets their standards for getting published. Speaking with other authors and getting feedback online is another way you can test the waters, and certain freelance websites offer editing services as well.

Issues with Copyright Laws

While the Internet is a place that serves as an endless marketplace, you should also proceed with caution. As a self-published author, you could potentially run afoul of copyright laws without even realizing it. These issues can derail or even ruin your career. On the other side of the coin, your work could spread throughout the Web without credit being given where it is due. Always apply for a copyright to protect your writing. Having a copyright will make your case stronger if you should decide to pursue legal action against anyone who takes your work.

Marketing and Distribution Troubles

Lastly, self-published authors often struggle to get their books enough attention. Marketing and distribution problems can plague any writer, especially those who start out by self-publishing. It’s hard to tap into the market through bookstores when bookstores are unwilling to accept your product, but this gets easier once you find a reliable marketing team to get behind you.

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