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Book Collecting: How Do You Do It?

When it comes to book collecting, signatures are incredibly valuable.

Life really is better with books. If you’re looking for a brand new hobby this year, you could start collecting rare books. Alternatively, you can try collecting books by an author you greatly admire as a way to help sharpen your own skills as a writer. Part of building that collection is getting signatures from the professional writers you meet. Also, you can learn more about a new truck that we here at Advantage Book Binding recently acquired!

Consider the Signature

When it comes to book collecting, signatures are incredibly valuable. However, this is only mostly true when they have actually been signed by the author. Even “signed” limited edition copies of modern books are often signed with an autopen, an item often used by the printers. Verifiable signatures are also significant because it indicates when the author met with the reader and included a personal message – something much easier to do with more recent books rather than authors who have been gone for years.

There are also dedication copies, which are inscribed to someone specifically named on the dedication page. Association inscriptions mention friends, publishers, and agents – people who were instrumental in getting the book written, edited, printed, published, and sold. Presentation copies are used as special gifts and an increase in value the closer to the date of publication associated with the book.

What is Its Rarity?

Next, you will want to think about how rare the signature is. Highly prolific authors might be more inclined to sign their many works, but reclusive authors who have only published a handful of books, if even that many, means that the signature becomes more highly-prized in the world of book collecting.

The Advantage of Trucks

When you want to build your next order of books, put your faith in Advantage Book Binding. It’s easier than ever now that we’ve acquired a truck stamped with our logo. Part of what we want to do this year is to help spread awareness of the importance of bookbinding and other post press services. As the nation’s leader in high-quality bookbinding, we look at this as our solemn duty. Whether you need hardcover books, softcover books, mechanical books, custom projects, or book repair and restoration, we can do it all!  


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Are you interested in having a bound novel? Are you entering the workforce, and need a bound portfolio to showcase your work? Advantage Book Binding offers plenty of services and binding types that are perfect for suiting your needs. We also offer specialty binding options for those of you looking for something extra special.

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