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If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming an author, the possibility may seem out of reach. After all, even just the thought of writing a manuscript and sending it out to publishers only to face repeated rejection sounds incredibly overwhelming. This is why more and more writers are turning to self-publishing in order to get their books out there in a way that is economical, affordable, and on their own terms. In today’s blog, learn how you can get started with self-publishing and how Advantage Book Binding can help bring your project to life.

self publish a book

Ever wondered how to self-publish a book? Find out in today’s blog!

Write your book

As you may have already guessed, the first step of self-publishing is to actually write your book! Most books are between 40,000-80,000 words, so by committing to writing daily, you may be surprised by how quickly you can complete your novel. By writing 500-1000 words per day, you can finish your manuscript quickly and keep your writing talents sharp.

Enlist the help of an experienced editor

Readers are looking for quality and if your novel is riddled with typos and grammatical errors then they will quickly be turned off. Nip this problem in the bud by working with a professional editor who can clean up your prose, proofread for grammar and readability, and help make your writing the best it can be.

Work with a professional bookbinder

Once your manuscript is complete you’ll be ready for publishing! At this point you’ll need the help of an experienced book binder who can help you create the finished book of your dreams. At Advantage Book Binding, we will work closely with you to create a book design that is worthy of the contents held within. Whether you envision your book as a hardcover or a paperback, we can make it happen. Keep in mind that as a printer, we do not offer any design services so your page layout and cover design should be ready to go so that we can create the book of your dreams.

Contact Advantage Book Binding today

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