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Perhaps you have an old Bible where a page or two has gone missing over the years. Or maybe you recently had a run of books printed only to realize that there was a glaring mistake on your very first page. While these are unfortunate circumstances, Advantage Book Binding offers the perfect solution: Page replacement. Rather than forcing you to live with a damaged heirloom or send your entire run back to print, we offer book page replacement and can remove and replace 2 or 4 pages in the book of your choice. Learn more about the benefits and other ways in which you can take advantage of this service in this week’s blog, below.

book page replacement

Bible repair

One of the most common reasons clients turn to us to replace a few pages is because a precious family Bible has become damaged. Whether someone tore out a page, an excited child with a crayon went a little crazy, or a stain made some of the text illegible, Advantage Book Binding can help. By carefully and expertly removing the damaged pages and replacing them with new ones that have been designed and printed to match your existing book, your treasured Bible will look as good as new.


While it is unfortunate, it is also not uncommon for an author to realize that there has been an error in how their book was printed. This could be due to a human error or a printer malfunction, but no matter the cause, the result is unprofessional and undesired. Rather than taking on the expense of having your entire run re-printed, the professionals at Advantage Book Binding can replace the offending pages with error-free copy.

Unique gift idea

In addition to repair, replacing pages can be a fun gift idea. If your loved one has a favorite book, you could add a page or two that have been individualized with a special message. We can personalize any book by replacing 2 or 4 pages with the pages of your choice.

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