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The Different Types of Paper Stock

One of the most important parts of printing a book is what type of paper stock to use. The high-quality paper stock will make a good impression on readers, customers, and clients alike. So no matter what type of book project you need to have printed, take a minute to consider the type of paper… Read more »

The Fate of Paper in 2018 and in the Future

Even with the rising popularity of smartphones, tablets, and e-readers, paper is still king. However, paper as a physical format is going much the same way vinyl records and compact discs went in the world of music – slowly but surely extinct. As we go into the future paper may become scarce, but that doesn’t… Read more »

Are Printed Pages Eco-Friendly?

Many of today’s consumers are concerned about the long term impact of the products we purchase and the companies that we support. It is a reasonable concern and the digital age is quick to answer that everything should be in digital format. Though e-books may seem like the only eco-friendly option, this simply isn’t true…. Read more »