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Restaurant Menus

Make your restaurant menus more appetizing to the eye with these helpful design tips!

How do your current restaurant menus look? Never underestimate the value of an attractive menu. No matter the size, breadth, or depth of your menu, you should make it as easy to read as possible, so that the customer can find what they would like to order without too much effort. What are some other ways to improve your restaurant’s menus? Read on to find out.

Select the Proper Paper

As with other custom-made projects, selecting the proper paper for your restaurant menus is one of the most critical choices you’ll make. You should also keep in mind that different colors will look different depending on the contents of the page, so a white background might make it easier to distinguish text and images than a red, brown, or black one. If your customers can’t read your menu, they will get impatient and frustrated. Picking glossier paper is a good choice as well, especially if you pair it with the lamination effect.

Use Lamination to Your Advantage

Once the rest of the menu is ready, you should take care to have it laminated. Lamination can protect any other book project, and although you may not think of a restaurant menu as a traditional or conventional book, it still counts. Not only will the lamination process increase the overall aesthetic quality of the menu, but it can also prevent food and drink spills from staining the carefully-designed project you spent so much time and effort on creating.

Integrate Pictures

One way to whet your customers’ appetites is by including pictures of popular items in your restaurant menus. Maybe the photos you use can help explain why your restaurant is so notable, or can show some, both celebrities past and present, enjoying their meals there to impress your diners even more.

Call Attention to Special Items

With your menu design, you’ll also want to highlight special items of the day, week, or month.  However, there are two factors in mind – you should give the specials their own card, so once they are longer on special, you won’t have to go out of your way to rebuild your menu. Also, when they have their own menu insert or holder, then you can draw the customer’s eye to them more easily.

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