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How Well Do You Know Bookbinding Terminology?

Everyone involved in the production of a book should be familiar with bookbinding terminology. You don’t even have to be directly involved in the publishing business. Knowing the industry jargon can put you on equal footing with your publishing and binding partners and give you a better idea of how to convey your needs and… Read more »

An Introduction to Beta Reading

One way to sharpen your skills as a reader is to do so voraciously. After all, it’s possible to overcome an early inability to read when you were younger. Read widely and read deeply. This helps develop your voice as a writer and helps you know what to look for whenever someone asks you to… Read more »

The Many Advantages of Perfect Binding

Are you looking to start 2019 by finally publishing a book? It could be a goal on your list or part of your resolution. Achieving this accomplishment is much easier than you think – as long as you partner with a publisher that you can trust. If you aren’t familiar with the different styles of… Read more »

The Different Types of Paper Stock

One of the most important parts of printing a book is what type of paper stock to use. The high-quality paper stock will make a good impression on readers, customers, and clients alike. So no matter what type of book project you need to have printed, take a minute to consider the type of paper… Read more »

Determining Book Formats and Printing Sizes

What format will your next book be in? Even with the rise of e-readers and the popularity of digital media, there are still millions of books produced and millions sold every year. Once your book has been chosen for publication, it can either be issued as a hardback or a paperback. Those book formats have… Read more »

Books for the Holidays

Books are some of the most enduring treasures we can ever stockpile in our lives. They also make for delightful gifts! Whether some books stick out in our memory as icons of our childhood or you’re looking for ways to encourage the reluctant reader in your life, here’s how you can observe the holidays and… Read more »

The Types of Bookbinding Machines

When you’re looking to buy a bookbinding machine you may find yourself overwhelmed; there are a wide variety of options, and some of them are relatively similar. Each type is best suited for different kinds of projects, and one may be a much better solution than another depending on your usage needs. Today we’ll go… Read more »

3 Types of Bookbinding Techniques

If you’re looking to have a great looking book in time for your next speaking engagement or you just want a few copies to give to friends and family, then you need to know more about the bookbinding techniques that can help make that happen. Here is a closer look at the different methods that… Read more »

4 Types of Decorative Processes For Your Next Custom Book Project

Once your book’s manuscript is ready, that is only one part of its journey. The next step is to get it finished through finishing processes. As soon as that is taken care of, you must turn your attention towards another problem: how to capture reader interest. That’s where decorative processes come into the picture.

Take a Trip to Some of These Famous Libraries

With Halloween about to happen later this week, there’s still time to get in on the spooky spirit. Some of the most famous books in literature are scary stories, whether they’re the works of Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, or Shirley Jackson. Even after the holiday has ended, take a trip to some of these… Read more »