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There are many reasons why readers often prefer physical books over ebooks. While ebooks offer the convenience of being able to carry many titles with you at one time, most readers still prefer physical books, and for good reasons. Learn more about the benefits of physical books over  in today’s blog, below.


Many readers still prefer traditional books over ebooks.

Why Ebooks Will Never Replace Traditional Books in the Hearts of Readers


Traditional books engage all of your senses

Ask any avid reader and they will go on at length about everything they love about books. From the unmistakeable old book smell that permeates any good bookstore to the sound the pages make when you turn them, traditional books occupy a place in our hearts because they engage all of our senses. While ebooks make the act of reading convenient, they can never leap off the page in quite the same way that traditional books can by engaging with your senses of smell and sound.

Ebooks are too easy to forget

Although it’s convenient to have dozens of titles at your fingertips, how often do you really browse your collection of ebooks? It’s too easy for ebooks to be out of sight and out of mind. With traditional books, a quick glance at your bookcase makes it easy to remember which title you were excited to explore next.

It’s easier to focus on traditional books

Study after study has shown that paper-based learning improves retention and memory. With ebooks, it’s easy to get distracted by checking your email or phone and this makes it more difficult to follow along with the plot and recall it later. Traditional books encourage you to focus on nothing but the story at hand.

Annotation just isn’t the same on an ebook

Many readers like to annotate, dog-ear pages, and mark up their books with notes that enhance their understanding of the story, plot devices, and themes. With an ebook, you simply cannot interact with the text in the same way. While it is possible to highlight sections and make notes, many readers feel as though this is simply not the same as handwriting in the margins of their favorite worn-out paperback.


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