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If you haven’t been to the library in awhile, you may be surprised by what’s going on in libraries across Maryland. Books, as always, are still free to browse and check out with a library card, but libraries today are much more than just that. Funded by state revenue and organizations such as the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), libraries across the state and country are providing community outreach and engagement, digital access, and professional development services.

In a recent interview with the IMLS, Maryland’s Assistant State Superintendent for Libraries, Irene Padilla, talked about what libraries in Maryland have been up to in recent years, and what their new five year plan (2013-2017) will bring to the table. Among the Division of Library Development and Services’ accomplishments is the establishment of a partnership with the Department of Education’s Division of Early Childhood to set up family councils in public libraries known as “Parent Cafes,” which serve as public venues for family engagement. The library system also has promoted intergenerational conversations through book discussions via its One Maryland One Book program. In addition, the library system has spurred an increase in access to digital media and communications in communities and schools around the state.

In it’s new five year plan, Maryland’s library system has focused on a number of new wide-ranging initiatives. Last year, legislation was formally adopted that named libraries as a part of the state’s emergency management agency, formally recognizing their importance in emergency and disaster relief and communications services. The plan also includes an emphasis on STEM educational programs and an effort “to develop models with the potential to reduce summer slide in STEM and reading literacy, regardless of socioeconomic background.”

Read the full interview with Irene Padilla about the many happenings at Maryland’s public libraries here.

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