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Everyone thinks about the story a book tells, but did you ever stop and think that print books tell more than just one story? While the text may tell “the” story, the physical book itself tells other stories, writes Anna Holmes in the New York Times’ Bookends section:

“Anyone who owns and enjoys books understands that the volumes we keep on our shelves – and in our hands on a busy subway – tell several stories. There’s the author’s story, which is the actual text; there’s the publisher’s story, which has to do with the choice of format and design; and. Finally, there’s the reader’s story – what a particular book telegraphs about one’s education and tastes. Who or what we choose to read can be as telling as the clothes we wear…”

Holmes’ comments highlight a distinction that many other readers are finding between e-books and physical books. While both tell a story, a physical book can tell many other stories and reveal an aspect of the personality of the person who reads it. To read more about how technology is affecting how we read, check out the full article, which features Holmes’ as well as Mohsin Hamid.


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Advantage Book Binding has been in the book binding business since 1985, when we were founded on the principle “we do a quality book on time.” Since then we’ve seen plenty of changes both in and out of the industry. While some have sounded the death knell for books and other physical media, we believe that the fact that we continue to be an industry leader into the 21st century is a testament not only to our longevity as a company but to that of our craft. We think it’s important to keep books and physical media on the shelves, which is why we dedicate ourselves to providing you with the highest quality book binding and post press services available.


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