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The ebook revolution isn’t without its good points, but it has also left many readers missing elements of their old hardback and softcover books. When the physical element of a story is taken away, readers are reminded of how much the physical book can actually do to complete the story contained on the pages inside.

Book covers set the tone for a story. Upon first glance, they can pique a potential readers interest, and later on, once the reader is engaged in the story, a reference back to the cover can reveal clues as to how the story might unfold. The author puts a lot of thought into a well-chosen cover design, and it’s as much a part of the story as the words themselves. Even on their own, many book jackets are intricately designed, and meant to be admired in one’s hands instead of on a screen.

Holding a book can also gives readers a chance to use their sense of touch to get to know the book better. Holding your finger in the book to mark a page lets you know how far along in the story you are. Watching the pages slowly disappear as the story builds to its climax is almost as exciting as the climax itself. This feeling just isn’t quite the same on an ebook, where you can read the page number, but you can’t feel how far along you are with your hands.

The argument has often been made that while technology has brought us closer together with social media in the virtual world, it has also caused us to become more withdrawn in the real world. If you see someone reading a book you like or an author you like, you might be inspired to start a conversation and ask them about it. On an e-reader, you never know what a person might be reading, or if they’re even reading at all. They might just be checking their email.





Advantage Book Binding has been in the book binding business since 1985, when we were founded on the principle “we do a quality book on time.” Since then we’ve seen plenty of changes both in and out of the industry. While some have sounded the death knell for books and other physical media, we believe that the fact that we continue to be an industry leader into the 21st century is a testament not only to our longevity as a company but to that of our craft. We think it’s important to keep books and physical media on the shelves, which is why we dedicate ourselves to providing you with the highest quality book binding and post press services available.


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