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Author Stephen King might be best known for the scary things he has to say in books. But fortunately, the things he has to say about books are much less scary. In fact, King said recently in an interview with the Huffington Post that he thinks printed books are here to stay for a “long, long time.”

King noted that while ebooks have some bells and whistles that books don’t have, books have an appeal that reaches back for centuries. While many have compared the ebook revolution to the rise of digital music, which has significantly reduced demand for physical music such as CDs, King feels that the long history of the book as a physical medium means it won’t be so easily replaced by its digital cousin, the ebook.

Books have been around for three, four centuries…There’s a deeply implanted desire and understanding and wanting of books that isn’t there with music. It’s a deeper well of human experience.

A deep well indeed, Stephen. On a less deep note, King also pointed out that unlike ebooks, physical books can be salvaged if you drop them in the toilet. Whether you would want to do so is another question, but you can’t argue against the fact that, unlike ebooks, the option is there.

Watch more of Stephen King’s interview on physical books, ebooks, and more here on HuffPost Live.

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