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5 Tips for Designing a Pocket-Sized Book

You can make almost any book pocket-sized. A pocket-sized book is, as its name implies, meant to be carried in a pocket or a purse.

What is a good way to quickly distribute a popular book? Make it pocket-sized. A pocket-sized book is, as its name implies, meant to be carried in a pocket or a purse. Although novels and nonfiction books are popular for reading while commuting, reference materials are also far more portable when converted to this format, and easier to consult when needed. Here are some tips for designing a better pocket-sized book, no matter its content.

Format the Text

No matter the size of the book, readable text is important. Just because the pocket-sized book itself is much smaller, that doesn’t the text has to be as well. If the reader or user has to work too hard to read their new pocket-sized book, they’ll be less keen on using it. Therefore, the text should be formatted in such a way that it is still easy to read at a glance. Setting the proper amount of contrast between text color and page color is also important. Correct line spacing and margin placement go a long way towards improving readability, too.

Round Off the Corners

Sharp corners are never a good idea for any pocket-sized book. These books are going to be constantly pulled out and then roughly pushed back into the pocket they came out of; so corners will interfere with that usage. With rounded corners, the edges of the book won’t catch on anything, preventing unsightly snags or the pages getting crumpled. Thus, the book still looks great even after months of heavy use.

Try Lamination

Do you want to make sure your pocket-sized book lasts longer? Try laminating the cover. Lamination will protect the book against any possible surface damages, such as drink spills or food stains. Laminating these smaller books benefits them just as much as laminating a larger book. For instance, they become more durable and can look just as glossy or shiny as a regular laminated book can.

Consider the Shape

Where do you intend the pocket-sized book to go? If for example, you wanted it to fit in a shirt pocket, you need to ensure that it has the right size and shape. One common choice is to make the book 3.5” by 5”, which can fit well without getting stuck.

Find the Right Binding

How long is the book? Depending on size and length, you might need a different binding style. Think about using perfect binding or coil binding, both of which can hold these books together while proving inexpensive and durable solutions.

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