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One of the strongest binding solutions available for your next book project is the sewn binding. This is the very same binding used in countless textbooks, library collections, and other long-lasting texts. With sewn binding, the pages are literally sewn into the spine of the book. They are then reinforced with fabric backing and an adhesive. This style of adherence is exceptionally useful for a variety of reasons. We will be going over these reasons today. Care to take a look?

The strength of a sewn book is unmatched.

By sewing “signatures,” or small groupings of pages, into the spine of the book, you can create a sturdy product. These signatures are made up of about 16 to 24 pages and then individually sewn together, then into the spine, which helps them to last for years and years. Not only that, but these types of books are completely tamper-proof. That is to say that you cannot take a page out without compromising the integrity of the binding. This is useful for log book purposes or any other text that may be used for record keeping.

Laying flat is much more useful than you think.

As seen in the commercial, a book’s ability to lay flat is actually far more useful than you would imagine. We need texts to lay flat for all sorts of reasons from cooking, to reading long passages, or even to take notes more easily. Because the pages of the book are sewn into the spine, they can spread more freely, allowing them to rest open for ease of reading. This facet also allows the book to be more “user-friendly.” You’ll be able to fold the book and move through it more freely, which makes for a much smoother and more pleasant reading experience.

A sewn book simply looks good.

If you need to create a book project that oozes with class and sophistication, then a sewn binding is going to be one of your best options. The grace and elegance sewn books is simply unmatched.


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