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film laminateBooks are often met with a lot of hardship. Being left out in the sun, storage, and other common practices can leave your precious books in disarray. So, how can you ensure that the beautiful book you’ve invested in will be protected down the line? Using the power of dust jackets, UV coatings, and film laminate, you can help to keep it safe. Today we’re going to be talking about some of the different options for book protection and what you can expect from each of them. Let’s get started.

Dust jackets give your books an extra layer of protection.

Children are often plagued with the curse of sticky hands. It’s just part of their nature. A dust jacket can help with protecting your book from their gooey grasp. That extra physical layer between the book and the world around it will help to keep the binding and book covers from getting worn out. Not only that, but dust jackets also provide protection from, you guessed it, dust. If you’re not sure about investing in a dust jacket for your new book project, ask yourself if you could use the extra advertisement and promotional space. A dust jacket can be a place to add extra images and text that give your reader more wonderful content to enjoy!

Film laminate is your book’s second skin.

Water, dust, and other issues that may come alone can also be dealt with by using a film laminate. This film layer provides your book project with a second skin to extend its longevity, but it goes deeper than that. Film laminate coverings help your covers to really pop. The colors look fresher, the text is bolder, and you will have a much more appealing appearance overall.  A UV coating will also help your investments to stay looking their freshest. The sun causes a lot of fading on artwork covers, but with a special coating the colors and text will stay vibrant.

Advantage Book Binding can help you make your new book into a major success with binding solutions!

Advantage Book Binding can help you take your book project to new heights, taking into consideration budget requirements to provide you with the most cost-effective and project-specific solution for you. Please contact us today for more information, and keep up with us on FacebookGoogle +Twitter, and LinkedIn. We can provide you with options for hardback or paperback books.