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If you’re looking for cost-effective book binding solution that gives you a lot of value for your dollar, mechanical binding might be what you’ve been searching for. This week, we’ll talk about mechanical binding, and why it makes such an efficient binding solution for so many different projects.

What is Mechanical Binding?

You probably know mechanical binding by the name spiral binding. All of those spiral bound notebooks you had in school? Those were mechanical bindings! And while all spiral bound bindings are mechanical bindings, not all mechanical bindings are spiral bindings. This is just one type of mechanical binding. So what are some of the others?

Wire-O Binding

This intricate mechanical binding style involves the use of a double wire that spiral binds the book and creates a nice looking hinge of double loops that holds the leaves and cover together. This creates a book that is not only lay-flat but can open and be folded over onto itself like a newspaper. The ends of the hinges are hidden inside the back cover, giving this binding style a nice clean look. Very versatile, and great for practically any project.

Fully Concealed Wire-Bound Hardback Books

This binding is a wire-O style except the wire-O is completely concealed in a hard case binding. This protects the wire, making it even more durable, and creates a clean appearance with no wire on the outside. These books are also lay-flat.

Plastic Coil Spiral Binding

This binding style is great for producing large quantities of product at a cost-effective price. You can customize the color, pitch and size options for the plastic coil, and the result is crushproof, making it very durable.

Plastic Comb Binding

This mechanical binding style involves a plastic binding filament with teeth that can be opened to allow hole-punched sheets to be inserted and secured into the binding. This has the benefit of allowing you to add additional pages if needed, making it a very flexible, and yet durable binding solution.

mechanical binding

Mechanical binding is a great all-around binding solution for many different projects. For lay-flat projects especially, mechanical binding is a top choice. Talk to Advantage Book Binding today to learn if your next project could benefit from mechanical binding.  Please contact us today for more information, and keep up with us on FacebookGoogle +Twitter, and LinkedIn.