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With the holiday season in full swing, many gift givers are choosing custom books as a thoughtful and heartfelt gift for that special someone. But even after the holidays are over, custom books are still an ideal gift for any occasion. This week, we’ll talk about some ideas for custom book gifts for different occasions, and we’ll show off a few custom books projects we’ve completed recently. Read on to learn more about all of the creative things you can do with custom books and how to tailor them to any occasion!

custom books

The Gift of Custom Books

Corporate Gifts

Do you have a corporate officer retiring? Wondering how to commemorate their time with your organization and give them something to remember you by? How about a custom book? You can include letters from employees, friends, and family members with a personal message that they can treasure forever. Include newspaper clippings, photos of the team, and more to make this gift one that will always bring back great memories for the recipient.

custom book


Do you have a special anniversary coming up? A custom book is a thoughtful way to celebrate your anniversary and makes for a lasting keepsake that your partner will love forever. Include that pair of movie tickets from your first date, your wedding vows, pictures from your honeymoon, and anything else you have that is special to your relationship. A great way to celebrate your love for each other!


Is your son or daughter graduating from college after the upcoming spring semester? Now is a great time to start working on a custom book to celebrate their achievement. Include their acceptance letter, first dorm assignment letter, photos of them on campus and with friends, and anything else you can think of to remind them of the time they spent there. When he or she is missing their college days, they’ll always be able to look back and smile with their custom book!


Looking for a unique birthday gift? Custom books work great for this occasion too. Give your friend or family member something different this year with a thoughtful custom book. Chronicle your friendship with a lifelong friend in the book, or give your grandmother or grandfather a family tree book to celebrate the family and its many ties.

Below are some pictures of custom book projects we’ve done.

custom bookcustom bookcustom bookcustom bookcustom book


Custom books allow you to get creative with your gift. Choose from a variety of material options and styles. To learn more about our custom books, contact us today!