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paperback binding solutionsWhen you’re finally binding your hard work into a paperback book, you’ll want to choose the type of binding that works best for you.  Sometimes, the decision is simple–but, regardless, you should never be indifferent to the type of soft cover binding you choose.  There are many binding types that we offer at Advantage Book Binding, but in this week’s blog, we’re going to go over two very popular choices: PUR binding, and perfect binding.

Advantages of PUR Binding


PUR binding gets its name from the type of adhesive it uses: polyurethane reactive adhesive.  This type of binding glue has a very particular advantage.  It’s very strong, and can hold up to a lot of wear and tear.  There is much less of a risk for spine cracking with this binding method.  Paperback books don’t have that hard cover to protect themselves, so it’s important to consider where your book is going to be kept.  A great use for PUR binding is for textbooks or other books that will see lots of travel and movement.  Plus, this type of binding allows for the book to lay flat against a surface–this is particularly helpful for those who are doing some type of research.


Advantages of Perfect Binding


However, don’t let PUR binding steal your attention entirely.  There’s also an entirely different type of binding that is just as effective.  Perfect binding uses ethylene vinyl acetate, or EVA, adhesives.  This might not be quite as strong as PUR binding, but it works just as well for lightweight books.  So, if you’re looking for book binding on a budget, perfect binding might be the best choice for you.  And if you know that your book won’t see a lot of travel, or if you’re planning on keeping it strictly as memorabilia, perfect binding will still bind your book beautifully.


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