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The Library Company of Philadelphia recently uploaded images of their extensive collection of 19th century book binding methods. The archive offers a comprehensive glimpse of the gorgeous binding methods that were popular centuries ago. A great way to gain inspiration for your next binding project or to simply marvel at the craftsmanship of days past, this is an incredible free online resource for any book lover. Learn more about this amazing resource in this week’s blog.


19th Century Book Binding Archive Now Available Online

Cloth Bindings

The Library Company’s website offers a selection of over 3000 cloth bindings from the 19th century in a a searchable format. You can search by year, binding type, bookcloth color, and a number of other criteria.

Papier-Mache Bindings

19th-century papier-mache bindings were popular for a very brief period of time in Victorian New York and were mainly produced between the years of 1850-1855. Often embellished with incredible details such as mother-of-pearl inlays, these books were absolutely stunning in their attention to detail. They became popular as part of the gift book fad that came to prominence at that time. Richly decorated tomes containing poetry, either sentimental or religious, were often given to loved ones around the winter holiday. Content mattered less than a stunningly decorated cover, as the archive’s examples display.

Bookcloth Grains

Using interesting and unique textures in binding became popular in the 19th century and the Library Company’s archive offers an array of bookcloth grains that were available during that period. This collection builds off of the publication “Bookcloth in England and America, 1823-1850” and offers new grains that were previously unpublished.


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